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Why Work With Me?

Work with me because I will help you get the results you’re after!

How do I know?

Apart from having helped hundreds, maybe thousands, of entrepreneurs to start their businesses from scratch over the last 15 years, I have also been exactly where you are! Always busy, tonnes of ideas I did nothing with, low self confidence, zero belief in myself, not doing the things I knew would get me the results I wanted, living for my excuses rather than my dreams, putting everyone and everything else before what I wanted, knowing that there was more for me but not having the confidence to put myself out there, watching everyone else start their business while I watched from the sidelines wondering when my turn would come… you get it. Basically going round in circles with no purpose. I have first hand experience of going from where you are now, to where you want to be! And I can show you how to get there!

How I Help You!

Take two almost identical businesses who seemingly do all the same things strategy wise. One flounders while the other goes from strength to strength! Why?

                      All business is 80% mindset, 20% strategy.

The owner of the thriving business, consciously or otherwise,  invests way more than just strategy into the success of their business!

I work with you on 3 levels to achieve the success you dream of:

Soul Led Success

You’ll develop tools to stay in higher consciousness, learn how to create a business with heart and that is in harmony with universal law. You cannot fail when you do this!

Mindset Success

You’ll develop strategies to stop self sabotaging, grow in confidence, create a brand new self image that’s more conducive to success, you’ll cast aside your old inherited fears, worries & doubts and take fearless action towards your goals.

Strategy Success

You’ll develop a clear map to business success that you will use for years to come as your business grows!

The Kickstart Package

This is a laser focused 2 session package for women who are ready to take their next steps towards making their side hustle their main income.

You’ll get super clear on  your vision so that you can create a business that fits around your lifestyle and leads to the creation of the life you desire!

You’ll uncover the conscious & unconscious blocks hindering your progress and learn how to amplify what’s already working for you.

Working together, we’ll kickstart your path  to turning your day dream into your dream business. I’ll also share some powerful strategies to help you go from making a few extra quid on the side to making your side hustle your pot of gold!


The Rise Package

This is the VIP experience and it’s for you if you are ready to finally invest in yourself and in your dreams so that you can create the time & financial freedom you so desire!

 The Rise Package is a 12 week intensive 1-2-1 programme during which we will work together to establish clear goals for your life & business, we’ll work through the conscious and unconscious blocks that are stopping your progress, we’ll develop a success plan for your business and make a step by step plan to bring your dreams into reality.

You’ll experience complete clarity around what you want & how to get it, you’ll feel happier because your thoughts, feelings and actions will be in alignment with your core values and you’ll attract your ideal clients much easier than ever before as you’ll be communicating with them much more effectively.

The ShyPreneur Guide

‘The ShyPreneur Guide’ is a BRAND NEW  and totally transformational 3 day programme for women who know deep down that they have the potential to create an amazing business & life for them and their nearest & dearest. BUT they lack self confidence, care too much about what other people ‘might’ think (yip, that’s right – you’re completely making it up), are constantly drowning in self doubt and who can’t figure out why they keep putting off what they know they ‘should’ do to make their dreams their reality.

You won’t necessarily identify as shy to benefit from The ShyPreneur Guide but perhaps you have shivers down your spine when you have to show up for your business, you’re tired of worrying about what others think, you wish you had more confidence or you want to set a strategy that you will actually implement


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