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I’m ready to breathe life into my side hustle and go from earning a few extra quid to bringing in the big bucks!

Read more below  to see how this transformative package will give you the kickstart you need to turn your side hustle into your pot of gold!

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I hear ya'

You’re sick and tired of faffing about with this side hustle/ business idea. You know it’s time to make the decision on where you want to go with it. You feel like it’s make or break time: stick with the day job or go whole hog and turn this side hustle into something real!


You’re exhausted from doing it all: the day job; the side hustle; the parenting; the life admin; the constantly adapting to the uncertainty of life in 2021! You know there has to be an easier way and you really want to find it!


You’re driving yourself crazy watching other people in their business and your head is in a spin thinking you need need to be showing up the same way as everyone else. One day you think you’re doing well and the next there’s some new thing you’ve seen on social media that you feel like you have to get on board with… yet another thing to do… aarrgghhh!! 


You feel like you’re flying blind most of the time. You’re asking yourself:  ‘why am I even doing this?’; ‘what’s the point?’; ‘will I ever make this work?’; ‘will I ever be able to make this my full time gig?’; ‘why can I not get more clients?’. 


 You’re constantly winging it and sometimes it works for you but most of the time this ‘see what happens’ attitude to business just leaves you lying awake at night; feeling like you’re always working; praying that sales come in every time you hit ‘post’ on that sales page; constantly checking your social media ‘likes’ to see if that was the right thing to post and fretting over it when the ‘likes’ aren’t quite what you were hoping for. You wish that you knew exactly what you were doing!


 You want to know that achieving your life goals through your business is possible for you! 


You want to prove to yourself and everyone else that you can do this… that you were born to do this!


You want to stop procrastinating. You have the guilts every time you watch Netflix because you know you should be creating content.





Say No more! This is me!

Imagine If...

  • * You knew exactly what your were doing!
  • * You had complete clarity about the direction you want your business to go in!
  • * You knew exactly how your business was going to help you create the life you desire… take the holidays you want, live in your dream home, never miss a school play, own a Prada handbag, have a cleaner… whatever success is to you!
  • * You had complete confidence in your ability to make this happen for you and for everyone around you!
  • * You could figure out why you’re not doing the things you know you need to do to make this work so that you could take consistent action to bring your dream business to life!
  • *You felt calm & relaxed and slept all night because you know that you are working towards a real and tangible goal!
  • * You could have all of this really quickly!
  • * You didn’t have to figure it out alone!

How would that feel?…….. So good, right?!

That’s where the Kickstart  package comes in!





I so want this now!

What is the Kickstart package?

The Kickstart package is a laser focused 2 session package for women who are ready to take their next steps towards making their side hustle their main income.


You’ll get super clear on your vision so you can create a business that fits around your lifestyle and leads to the creation of the life you desire.


You’ll uncover the conscious and unconscious blocks hindering your progress and learn how to amplify what’s already working for you.


Working together we will kickstart the CPR your side hustle needs to breathe some life into it so that you can go from earning a few extra quid every month to start bringing in the big bucks. I’ll also share some powerful strategies to help you let go of the fear, worry & doubt that’s keeping you stuck where you are.



I’ already quite busy with work, my side hustle, kids and other commitments. Will this take up much time?

This is a laser focused 2 session package with each session lasting approximately 90 minutes. I will ask you to complete a very brief questionnaire before the first session which should take around 10 minutes to complete. Tasking is an important element of coaching and at the end of each session I will establish tasks for you to complete that are relevant to helping you kickstart your big money months. The whole point of the sessions are to help you to create a business that fits around your lifestyle. You will find that the sessions will help you to spend your time more resourcefully and you can eliminate the ‘I don’t have time’ excuse!



I'm Ready! Sign Me Up

Is this package right for me?




If you find yourself saying any of these phrases then the Kickstart package is for you:



  • ‘I wish I could make more money from my side hustle!’
  • ‘One day I’ll make more money and take us all on holiday!’
  • ‘There just aren’t enough hours in the day!’
  •  ‘I feel so stuck!’
  • ‘I sit down to work all motivated but once I open the laptop, it’s like my head just goes blank!’
  • ‘Procrastination is my best friend!’
  • ‘Why can I not make this work?’
  • ‘How come everyone else seems to be making money except me?’
  • ‘I’m tired of watching all my friends grow their business while I just stay here!’
  • ‘I know I can do better than this, I just don’t know how!’
  • ‘What is wrong with me?’
  • ‘I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired!’
  • ‘I never have any time to myself!’
  • ‘I don’t even know what I want!’
  • ‘Limiting belief?? I wouldn’t know where to start listing those!’
  • ‘I’m not an entrepreneur, I’m just making a few quid on the side (secretly wishing it was more)!’
  • ‘No-one likes me!’
  • ‘I can’t grow my business because I don’t want to be all fake on Instagram!’


 I could go on here but I think you get it. If you’re not where you want to be, then this package is for you!








Yip that's me! sign me up!

What is the investment?


Remember when we all used to go to weddings? We’d have a fab day out. Maybe drink too much at the evening reception and wake up the next day feeling a little worse for wear! We’d spend at least £100 for the gift, £100 for the dress (that we couldn’t wear again because we’re part of one big circle of friends all getting married around the same time (what? Be seen in the same dress more that once? Never!!), £60 for hair & makeup, another £100 at least for accommodation and taxis, and lets not talk about how much we spent at the bar!

Well, here you have an opportunity to invest £227 in you and your business (way less than the cost of that day out you can’t really remember).



Just £227 that will transform your life by bringing you countless steps closer to your dream of turning your side hustle into your pot of gold.

You’ll get super clear on your vision so that you can create a business that fits around your lifestyle and leads to the creation of the life you desire.

You’ll uncover the conscious and unconscious blocks hindering your progress and learn how to amplify what’s already working for you!

Working together, we’ll kickstart your path to big money months. I’ll also share some powerful strategies to help you go from making a few extra quid on the side to actually making your side hustle your pot of gold!






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