I’m Claire… 

… a perpetual optimist, entrepreneur, mindset coach, business mentor, mum of boys, an aspiring writer, an avid charity worker and I’m dedicated to helping you turn your side hustle into a business that you love because it aligns perfectly with your life goals, values, passions & purpose!

I’m Here For You On Purpose

I often find myself rambling on in these ‘About Me’ sections (Oops). I want to tell you everything because life has been such an amazing journey and I truly believe that my life experiences have all conspired so that I can be here for you today! But, I know you’re not here for my life story and when we work together I can share many a tale of resilience, joy, heartache, love, failure & success, so, for now all I will say is this…

I love creating transformations for women who know deep down that they can BE, DO, and HAVE more. For almost 15 years, I’ve helped women (and men) create and start their businesses and my favourite part has always been helping women to see and fulfil their true potential and that is why I have created HER On Purpose!

I want to help you find your purpose, inspire you to take action towards creating your dream business, empower you with the confidence to be the person you want to be and to teach you valuable life habits, that once mastered, will enable you to grow every single day both in life and in your business!

When women are inspired and moving toward their purpose, everyone benefits… I guess you could say I’m helping the world, one purposeful woman at a time!

Here’s how I help you!

  • I take you from being a burnt out and stressed side-hustler to being a calm, focused, and successful entrepreneur;
  • I take you from earning a few extra quid on the side to making your side hustle your pot of gold;
  • I take you from ‘winging it’ and not having a clue what you’re doing to having a clear, focused and measurable success plan;
  • I take you from procrastination to taking goal achieving actions every day;
  • I take you from always feeling like you need to know more and spending on course after course after course, to using what you already know to build your thriving business;
  • I take you from ‘working hard’ at everything to working smart on the right things;
  • I take you from a mindset of lack, competition, confusion, indecision and doubt to one of clarity, abundance, creation and decisive action.

See the Work With Me section to see how I can take you from where you are now to turning your side hustle into a business that consistently earns £5k+ months using mindset coaching and the 90 day year strategy tool!


Here’s why you can trust than I can help you:

1 – I’ve been helping people start and grow their businesses for almost 15 years so, I know what works and can teach you, saving you time, money and lots of mistakes!

2 – I run my own service based business, am in the process of creating a side product based business and have been self employed before. I’ve made plenty of mistakes and know what to do and what not to do! This means I can help you grow your business faster without making the same mistakes.

3 – I’m a trained mindset coach so I have a toolbox of techniques to help you identify and remove the biggest conscious and unconscious blocks hindering your progress.

4 – All business is 80% mindset: 20% strategy – yeah, I know, those stats change depending on what you’re reading, I don’t think you can put an exact percentage on it but at the end of the day all successful entrepreneurs agree that mindset plays a massive role, an even bigger role than strategy, in business success. Mindset alone doesn’t create success and strategy alone certainly doesn’t create success. I work with you on both plains so that you are destined for success.

5 – I work on clearing old beliefs and blocks before working on strategy. That means that you set goals, take actions, serve people and treat yourself in a way that perfectly aligns with your true self. This means that you are always inspired to grow your business, work doesn’t feel like work and success feels easy because you are doing work that aligns with your values, passions and purpose.




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