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Her On Purpose

The Her On Purpose Mission

My mission is simple! I want to help as many shy, quiet or introverted women as possible to gain the confidence, mindset and know-how to start and grow their own businesses so that they can create the change they want in their lives without sacrificing who they are. 

I do this through my ShyPreneur suite of services which includes:

  1. The ShyPreneur Potential – a laser focused 3 hour 1-2-1 session
  2. The ShyPreneur Guide – a full day live masterclass
  3. The ShyPreneur Academy – a 6 month focused group mentoring programme



I’m Claire

I’ve always been the ‘quiet one’ in all my groups of friends! My school reports always said ‘Claire is a great pupil and has great potential BUT she’s very shy’! As if you can’t be shy AND meet your potential as well huh?

Well, I’m shy (like about half of the population)BUT I’m also a successful business owner, a mindset & business coach, a trainer, public speaker, charity advocate, fundraiser and mum!

I’m proof that you can be shy and successful at the same time!

What I Do

One to One Coaching

If you’re serious about turning your side hustle into your main income so that you can create the time and financial freedom you crave while doing something you love, then I can help you. I have two 1-2-1 packages to help you: The kickstart Package & The Rise Package.

Group Coaching

Launching later in 2021, The Her On Purpose group programme is a 6 month long group experience that will accelerate your business growth through group coaching sessions, live business growth lessons and masterminding.

Accountability Group

Join a passionate group of like-minded women on a journey to realising their dream life & business through quarterly goal setting masterclasses and weekly accountability support and watch your progress take off!


"Claire has a gifted ability of sharing her knowledge and experiences in a way that is pragmatic and productive. She is always ready to help and support us."


"Claire is a typical entrepreneur... full of ideas, bundles of integrity and gets things done. She is an excellent mentor and is a fountain of knowledge with some great teaching techniques."


"Claire is a wonderful mentor. She is approachable, knowledgeable and supportive, providing sound guidance."


Be HER on Purpose
Be HER on Purpose

I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase, ‘You are what you eat’, but perhaps you’ve never heard that ‘you are what you think you are’. I want to help you discover how the image you hold of yourself in your mind pretty much controls how you show up in both your life and your...

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